general help: 1 behind router, 1 behind modem

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general help: 1 behind router, 1 behind modem

Postby trial » Tue Apr 05, 2005 10:27 pm

this is kind of a followup on my other post, but figured it would be better to
start another thread for it because it's a different problem..

i'm behind a router, my friend isn't.

i searched the forums and found that someone was able to make this work
by install a loopback device on those that weren't behind a router.

in instructed my friend, following all the steps indicated, and gave the
loopback device an ip that's in my network, but not conflicting with any
other computers or devices.

i forwarded udp port 213 to my computer.

we both installed GIT and followed these instructions to play Generals:

after we were done and setup, the topic above did not state whether to use
the loopback device, so we tried both the loopback and his normal nic.

he couldn't ping me nor could i ping him, using any of the devices listed
on his end.

we thought that this was just a kink, because we followed everything to the
dot and it should work, right?

we went into generals, which allows a person to select an IP to use for lan
or online gaming. using any combination of git-devices and generals-ip, we
couldn't see each other in the lobby nor were we able to join any games
created via direct ip connection.

so i'm stumped and here i am now asking all of you for some advice. =D
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