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Zero Hour - Used this Post

Postby dbldown768 » Sun Jan 23, 2005 3:29 pm

Hey, just started using GIT, however i have used other tunnels before. I have a question. I setup my network and my cousins to play Zero hour. I used the post i have quoted below. We were able to see each other games and get to the point where i see both of us in it. the Lan lobby worked fine. However, about 10 sec. into the match the vote window pops up suggesting a connection has been lost?

Is this due to port that is not forwarded correct? are we missing something? feel free to contact me anyway possible.... thanks.

Our current IP address settings:

Lan1 (me)
router -
cpu -

Lan2 (cousin)
router -
cpu -

we used all the same information below

I'll try my best but I'm not great at detailing setup instructions.
Going on 2x LANs, both behind ADSL routers using NAT:

1. You need to first setup your LANs so they are both on the same IP range. For example if you have 5 PCs for each LAN then:



2. Install GIT on 1 PC on each LAN. I used GIT 0.99 beta2. Doesn't matter what PC, so long as the router can port forward to it.
3. Run GIT, goto config and add the external IP of the LAN you wish to connect to and set the port to 213 with the connection method as UDP - Fastest. Make sure you do this to both GITs.
4. Add the ports for the games you wish to link, i.e:
5555 : Codename Panzers
6112 : Warcraft III
8080-8099 : Generals (did a range as I didnt have time to check the port but I think it just uses 8080)
18321 : Medieval Total War
34987 : Rise of Nations
I also added the DX8 games ports

5. Goto Advanced config and tick only these settings:

Ethernet II

Forward ARP

ICMP (got this ticked so I can test ping IPs on the other LAN)

Also Match Source Port

6. Via your router admin, forward port 213 on UDP to the IP of the PC running GIT. Do the same on the other LANs router.

That should be it.
To test you could try pinging an IP from the other LAN.
I have tested GIT with all of them games listed above in the config port bit and they all worked fine.
If you want to add a LAN3 then just do the same but when entering the port for the connection where you enter the host IP, make sure its on a different port number.

LAN1 - LAN2 = 213
LAN2 - LAN1 = 213

LAN1 - LAN3 = 214
LAN3 - LAN1 = 214

LAN2 - LAN3 = 215
LAN3 - LAN2 = 215

Hope this helps you all. Just hope I didn't miss anything out.
Like I said before, this works for me and works damn fine. Thanks to Morpheus Software for making this nice program.
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Postby dbldown768 » Tue Jan 25, 2005 8:30 am

well, just incase other people decide to use this software to play Generals/Zero Hour - i got it working. I have to admit the first time i just didnt read the post i quoted to well. Once i only check those options, everything work.

A good tip is to ping your friend your playing with. When i was having problems no ping was getting through, yesterday i had no problems pinging him. Another tip is that when u start the game, if you dont see your opponents load meter moving you also have something setup wrong.

When we did start playing the game worked, however it did seem a bit slower than playing over the internet with the the game provides. Dunno for sure, might have been my friends slower computer.

in any case, hopefully others who have had any problems - this might clear things up.

if anyone know of a way to improve performace please let me know. I'm not exactly sure what that zlib compression does? maybe that would help?
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Postby CalliduS » Tue Jan 25, 2005 1:26 pm

I'm glad my information helped you out. I think that generals uses port 8088 btw. Same for Lord of the rings, battle for middle earth.
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