C&C Generals - Can See Can Join Can't play get disconnec

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C&C Generals - Can See Can Join Can't play get disconnec

Postby phlebiac » Sat Jul 23, 2005 3:26 pm

hi there,

me and my buddy trying to play C&C Generals 1.7 over the internet ... we installed git and got it to the point working that we can see each other in the lan lobby and we can join the game the other one has created but as soon as we are in the game and see the map and our first building with the construction vehicle we both get a message that the other one as lost the connection and we can wait or vote to kick him and then the game of course ends because the remaining one is victorious

any idea ?

btw.: after landing back in the lan lobby we can still see each other and try again with the same result ...
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re: playing generals

Postby karma » Sat Jul 30, 2005 1:36 am

Are you sure that you have all the appropriate ports forwarded?

Here are the ports for Generals, as taken from http://www.portforward.com/cports.htm



For GIT purposes, you need to have all those ports listed in 'forward which TCP/UDP ports.'
My bet is that you didn't have all those ports listed, since you were able to go to lobby, see the game, but not play. The port the game uses to "play" on, was not listed yet.

hope this helps
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Postby sumeetkpatel » Sun Aug 07, 2005 9:09 pm

Methinks you are not forwarding all the ports you need to.. if you get game reconnection errors later in the game, its because one or both of you have *censored* pc's and *censored* connections.. Generals munches a fair bit of network bandwidth.

also, you dont need to forward 'all' the ports he listed above..

some are intended for rcon etc.
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Postby phlebiac » Mon Aug 08, 2005 12:55 am

hmm ... well ... so what ports do we need to forward ?

at this time i didn't check if we forward the ports mentioned above ... we'll try again if you (sumeetkpatel) can post a list of ports we should forward

and what do you mean by censored ? we both use a netgeaf fvs318 dsl router ... we both have dsl flatrate (me 2000 with 384 up, he 1000 with 128 up)

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Postby sumeetkpatel » Tue Aug 09, 2005 11:56 am

TCP(80,6667,28910,29900,29920) and UDP(4321,27900)\

yet according to GIT, generals uses 8086

according to this random site

its 8186.. & 8188...crazy

besides, the long list of ports is the recommended ports for "online" play, you are playing "lan" - virtually of course.

if you ask me, its all a crock of *censored*, i run Zone alarm firewall, when you goto host a game for the first time (if not first time just remove the entry from Zone alarm known program list and rehost), and it will nag about whether to allow it, and will show the port the game is listening on and other information.. from that you can gather precisely what port you need to forward. thats one of the best ways to do it, and should work for any game rather than allowing any old ports ppl rant on about on forums such as this and spraying your packets at the thing and hoping they make it through to the otherside blindly!

in my experience your all wrong, i think i remember my game using 8087 and some high port that matched exactly, probably 27900.

also i noticed that if you arent seeing a load bar for each player, then your missing something from your configuration and your game will not hold, similar to what your having trouble with.

goodluck buddy.. your connections seem bit iffy, 128 up might be too slow. it is possible that all your troubles are because whoever has the 128 up's connection is too hopeless and cant keep up and generals finds this out relatively fast... try with someone with a decent connection.

I am 12mbit/1mbit and my mate is 1.5mbit/256k and it was fine but a little jerky sometimes as the game paused to resynch... if your playing on less, i'd assume that you will have trouble with reconnection errors and such.


ps. trust me on the zone alarm, its the best way to do it. dont even bother trying to determine what the exact ports are. also dont go forwarding all ports or any ranges too low otherwise you'll run into even stranger trouble.
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