act as regular IP host?

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act as regular IP host?

Postby andrew » Mon May 30, 2005 6:15 pm


i'm trying to organize GIT to get multiplayer games going between as many as 4 people, all behind mappable routers, all via TCP/UDP. i've tried to run my own machine as the 'host', being a TCP listener, and forwarded my router's 6112-6119 to my IP (from public to private). however, when my friend who has the same configurations (under advanced config) tried to connect to my IP via the same port as i'm setup on, he can't view my games.

i figured i could simply be the host, and everyone playing the game could simply connect to me in their config. what's wrong with that?

we've also tried where i connect to my friend on 213, he connects to me on 213. we both enabled the routing for 213 and 6112-6119 to our own machines (through our routers). we still couldn't see a game that the other had made.

essentially what i'm looking for is an explanation as to what we can do to get this working. i've read a few of the messages on this board, and none of them have worked.

in the wizard, i don't know whether to paste our public or our private IPs on the LAN (rather than WAN UP) for the list, and even so, do we actually need to change our router and LAN IPs so that none conflict?

i'm getting frustrated that we can't get this to work.
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Postby poseyjmac » Thu Jun 09, 2005 12:05 pm

ok, lets try and get it working between you and 1 other first. This is how it works, and if it doesn't work after you do all of this. then your computer, or network may have some problems.


1. make sure your private IP addresses are both on the same subnet but that NONE of them are conflicting. this includes routers. locate your routers ip addresses + all the IP addresses on your LAN, tell the other person, and make sure they all have separate addresses.

2. you both open 213 UDP to each others private IP address through your routers.

GIT config:

1. forward 'All the rest'(for troubleshooting purposes, if it works then you can go back here and choose just the ports you need, if it doesn't work, you will know the problem lies here)
2. each person add the other persons EXTERNAL ip address to GIT with UDP(fastest) 213, and press OK. if you need to know your external address, try

GIT advanced config:

Check the following options:

Ethernet II(the only frame type you need for modern games)
Forward ARP


Also match source port

just those ^ and nothing more.

if you do all that it should work. if it doesn't work, try having both routers disconnect from the internet and get new IPs. this has worked some times for me in the past.
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Postby andrew » Fri Jun 10, 2005 12:48 am

thanks. i've got a friend that knows their router a little more, so i don't have to baby them through the process. i think the issue was our IP conflicts, although i can't pin it down - i'm not sure the other friend's router settings were right.

by subnet, do you mean the third portion of the IP? i.e. if my router starts on, his would need to start on (so that the .0 is the same?), or something similar?

i'll give all this a shot, the help is much appreciated.
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Postby poseyjmac » Sat Jun 11, 2005 11:34 am

if you are both using subnet mask. then yes, just think of your first 3 digits as the subnet. through are all valid addresses on the subnet. you should ALL be within this range and not conflicting.
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