Oh-kay, I've Tried It All... Please Help *Begging* :)

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Oh-kay, I've Tried It All... Please Help *Begging* :)

Postby Pixie » Fri May 27, 2005 3:36 am


2 LANS (so far), both NATed.


Config Screen all the standard stuff (That is, port 213 forwarded to the external IP of the other LAN, forwarding all ports, Ethernet II, Forward ARP, ZLib Compression, Forward TCP, UDP and ICMP, Also Match Source Port all ticked, everything else left unchecked).


The same.

My logs:

Unforwarded: EthernetII IPv4 UDP to:Her External IP:213 from:My Internal IP:213 'wrong port number'

Forwarded: EthernetII IPv4 UDP to:My Internal IP:213 from:Her External IP:60026 'ok'

The game we're trying to link is AVP 2, but that doesn't even matter, because we can't even ping each-other's machines.

The only thing that either of us can think it is is that she has a router set as, and I have a firewall/internet server set to the same IP. (Oh, we have both forwarded port 213 to the internal IPs that are running GIT (Oh, also, both machines are running latest versions, clean installed).

TIA. :)


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Postby karma » Wed Jun 01, 2005 11:36 am

So...first things first. Your two LANs must not have any IP conflicts, inclusively. Meaning, your router and her router cannot have the same IP address. You see? The function of GIT is to create a virtual LAN environment. Envision your LANs as though they were one. No two machines (routers printers PCs microwaves toasters) may have the same address. Same subnet as well.

As far as the log entries, unforwarded is correctly identifying port 235 as not being forwarded, because 235 is used for the tunnel connection! Actual traffic is what you want to look for.

Sort out your IP conflicts, and you ought to be able to ping eachother. Pinging first asks your .0.1 gateway "who has [address]" on your LAN (ARP request), so if the two gateways are in address conflict, you're gonna have issues. Next step is GIT ports, protocols, etc. You may have to do research for AVP or whichever game, finding out how it communicates through LANs... then configure GIT and you're done.

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