Photoshop style layers and blending modes

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Photoshop style layers and blending modes

Postby PixelGrinder » Tue Nov 14, 2006 11:13 pm

Yes you read it right

Implement it or at least fully support it

Photoshop style layers and blending modes, with support for Photoshop "layer masked" extracted elements, preserving the transparency

By transpanrency I mean, lets say I extract eyes off a face, using a layer mask, making the rest of the face transparent, then if I apply the layer mask to my layer, I get only the eyes, on a "checkered" transparent layer, on which I can move the eyes.
What would be great is if I could bring the file into Morpheus, giving me ONLY the eyes, NOT they eyes "hard stamped" on a checkered background like a static file

So basically what I'm suggesting is, Morpheus meets Photoshop's layer system / blending mode system / and layer masking "extraction" system

Keep in mind that, IF you cant implement these features in Morpheus....At least implement a compatibility with them :)

Doing so, would make Morpheus the "be all end all" program in its field

Think about it :)
Be all you can be :)

You'll thank me later :)
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Postby Ark » Wed Nov 15, 2006 12:30 am

You can load layered photoshop files into Morpheus but all layers are merged into one layer. Transparency can be preserved though, so if you are only using 1 layer in the photoshop file, it will appear in Morpheus and you can morph it with the transparency. Morpheus does not display the "checkered" background, but instead displays the background as the solid color you pick in the Morph Options (default white). You can render your morph to a file format such as a series of PNG files and check the Transparency option in the Timeline Options window, and change the threshold to 0 and all of the transparency from the photoshop images will be preserved throughout the morph and written into the PNG files.
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Postby PixelGrinder » Sun Nov 19, 2006 5:46 am

Your answer clarified a few things, including, the "real" question I wanted to ask :)

What I meant was, will you be able to implement a way to morph layers independatly "in the same morph"

Like several layers, morphing in their own way on top of each other "at the same time" "in the same document while using Photoshop style layer blending modes and masking techniques

I know I'm pushing the envelope, but, thats how the greatest ideas see the light of day

I aint talking outta my ass or anything
Just think about it and talk it over with your research and development team

We're talking high end special FX stuff here, without the need for tedious 3D stuff, I mean think about using a software like I describe on movies, or Tim Burton style stop motion productions

You'll see a twinkle in some ppl's eyes, if they get it

If you ppl can implement this in your software....You'll be years ahead of the competition

Believe me :)
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