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Stay on ends

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2004 3:34 am
by Dino
I'm used to join morphs together and sometimes I've found useful to lock the image for a while. In this respect the "stay on the ends" feature not always is the best because it involves both sides of the morph. The problem can be outrun by means of "dots delay", anyhow my suggestion for next version is to add an option leaving the choice to "stay at beginning" or "stay on end", or both. In order to make life easier...
By the way, I would be glad to submit some of my "joined morphs" where I've also added sound, if someone tell me the way. It deals about *.swf files weighting from 2 to 5 MB.
All the best, Dino.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2004 11:31 am
by Ark
stay at start vs end is already going to be in the next release of Morpheus.