Smoothing morphs of "joint movements" in Physical

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Smoothing morphs of "joint movements" in Physical

Postby mlougee » Wed Oct 22, 2003 12:15 pm

I'm trying to use Morpheus to help illustrate, for Physical Therapy education, the movements of people's limbs and joints. Is it possible to have a "feature" which would let the Morpheus user tell the software that there is a solid-color background (say black) that should then be ignored totally, thus perhaps making a thumb being "morphed" from a vertical position (next to the first finger) to a horizontal position (90 degrees from the first finger) be smoother than a "normal" morph?

Thanks for any advice, Mike Lougee.

PS Maybe this is less a "feature" request than a "tips/tricks" question, but thanks again for any help!
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Postby Ark » Wed Oct 22, 2003 3:36 pm

I'm not sure I understand everything you are asking, but you can pick a color for the background color and 3 different ways of handling it with respect to the other colors. By default the background color simply fades like the rest of the colors, but you can set strict transparency and/or disable the fading in the options window.
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