Alpha compositing

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Alpha compositing

Postby seehart » Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:19 am

It would be really nice if Morpheus would handle the alpha channel correctly. If it did, that would make it possible to animate a morph over a background. Specifically, if I have a pair of png with partial transparency, I would like to morph one into the other such that the resulting sequence of images contain partial transparency. The resulting sequence could then be used in an animation over a fixed background image. IMO any morphing software without this feature is basically useless for serious applications. All it involves is morphing all four channels (RGBA) instead of just RGB, so it's pretty trivial to implement.

My usage case would be:
1. Use Photoshop to extract the desired foreground objects from the stock images to produce a pair of semi-transparent RGBA png files.
2. Use Morpheus to morph between these two RGBA png files to produce a sequence of RGBA png files.
3. Use my own software to animate the result by displaying the RGBA image sequence on top of a background.

Failure to implement this feature means that the backgrounds of the of the original images are included in the morph, which is quite unfortunate for my purposes.

If you don't know what "Alpha compositing" means, please don't bother to attempt to answer this. Thanks.

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Re: Alpha compositing

Postby Ark » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:03 am
With the Professional edition or higher, you can use "Transparency support for morphing including full alpha channel support"

The option is available in the Timeline Options window, which you can read more about here: ... ne-options
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