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No way to find out Fade setting of a selected dot

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 2:30 pm
by Miguel
Hi Ark,

First of all, excellent software (I have Photo Animation Suite 3.01 Pro). I researched on the Internet, and I have only read words of praise for your very ingenious and useful software, to say the least.

I have a couple of requests though, related to Photo Mixer.

It would be wonderful if dots automatically appeared in a user-defined preset color based on their Fade settings (Start, End or Blend). That way, at first sight you would know which dots are going to behave in what way in the mixing process.

A related functionality would be that if you select Start, End or Blend in advance, all dots you add on the picture from that moment on would have that setting, until you change it for the next dots you would be adding.

I know you can assign dots any color you want (for instance, green for Start, red for Blend, etc.), but it would be nice to have a more expanded functionality in this regard.

The way things are right now, not even selecting a dot and clicking on the "Fade Selected Dots" you can find out whether that particular dot is set to a Fade setting different from the default one. What if you forget a dot's setting, or you missed that dot when selecting several to set them to a different setting? How would you find out without carring out the mixing operation? Even so you might miss it.

For instance, right now I am looking at the baby-dog mix, and, without reading the tutorial, there is no way I can find out which dots are going to do what (Start, End or Blend) in the mixing process.

Great software! Thanks!