Smooth interpolation and keyframe handling

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Smooth interpolation and keyframe handling

Postby JCdeblok » Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:17 am


First: Great piece of software!

Second: I've got a couple of ideas to really enhance the product:

-adjustable keyframe time after creation. (Move a keyframe form eg. 50% to 80%, so making the first part of the morph slower and the end faster)

-Global timewarp. I'd like to see a nice curve editor where I can control the flow of time. So I can ease in/out the end and start of the morph making it more smooth. Now I have to apply a timewarp-curve in Premiere Pro to do that for me.

-Option for smooth interpolation of dots between keyframes. When I have 3 keyframes I can see a sharp angle @ the dot's movement. It looks like all the dots are interpolated linear. So Iit's really hard to make smooth morphs when using keyframes. (This would be nice at the dot-fade graph too)

-less wobbly output. If you look closely at the rendered morphs you can see the pixels wobbling (you can see that too on the example morphes on your homepage). The trick I use to fix that is morph double the frames needed and later blend frames together (play @ 200% speed with frameblending)

-option to rotate/scale a selection of dots

-When placing a new dot it would be nice if it's placed in a better position on the other keyframes (averaged by surrounding dots or something) Or make 'untouched'-dots extra big so there are easy to pick form a dense dot field.

So that will do for this week :)

-edit.. one more thing..

-Would it be posible to export the 3d 'mesh' to 3Dsmax or another 3d file format?

-Display of project title in window-bar eg: 'Morpheus Photo Morpher - ProjectName'. Handy when working on different versions of a project.\

-Incremental file names option. So everytime you save your work the filename increments.. myproject001, myproject002, etc.. great for takeing a few steps back..
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Postby Ark » Thu Jun 28, 2007 8:00 am

Your suggestions have been recorded. Thank you for the feedback.
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Postby robert » Thu Jul 05, 2007 2:19 am

Very good adivce for morpheus photo morpher, I rate the feature "Option for smooth interpolation of dots between keyframes", not only this, this feature can be more powerful.
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