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Loop Count & Size settings

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:24 pm
by Gren

i think I have a bug with the loop count feature.
When I create a morph and I go to timeline options and set a loop count it does not work.
What i mean is if I pick a loop count of lets say 10 and I render the morph to avi file, I get no loops.
The file with morph forward and then backwards and then stops.
I have tried setting multiple different loop counts but it never works.
Also with the settings I have the AVI file come out to just under a gig.

I do get loops if I select .GIF file type.

Issue 2 is with Timeline size and Timeline - options then size.
The issue is if I use the timeline size and set it for automatic or other size the morph is always blurry, really bad in my view.
But if I go to Timeline - options and then set size in that window to the image size of the JPG images I am using the morph comes out clear and looking great.
I have tried with every codec on my system and the automatic or preset sizes are always blurry, even if I remder with quality set to 100% and even uncompressed or raw.

So I always have to use the Timeline- options- size settin g if I want a clear (non-blurry) morph.
I also have a HD monitor and 1gb HD videocard, as well as 8gb ram.

I hope this all made sense.
Thanks in advance

Re: Loop Count & Size settings

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:54 pm
by Ark
Loop does not apply to AVI files - AVI files do not provide a way to include this information inside the AVI file container. The player you are viewing the AVI file in must have options to loop or not loop.

Automatic will generally result in 320x240 or smaller, in order to preserve the aspect ratio of the images you have loaded. There is not anything that makes your images blurry, unless you are viewing small images at a larger size, or stretching the movie file or image file(s) that you have rendered to fill the whole screen. If you view at 100%, the movie may be smaller than you want, but it is not blurry.
If you wish to create animations with a larger size, you can set the size to any size you want in the Timeline Options window.

Re: Loop Count & Size settings

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:52 am
by Gren
Hello Ark,

First thanks for the reply to my questions.
It is good to know about the avi morphs.

Now as for the blurry morphs, Things still are blurry if i choose auto or a preset.
The images I was using were 1408x1056 pixles and 1056x1408 pixels and are clear and crisp.
Yet when i attempted to morph them the morph avi was blurry and i tried all presets.
I then went to Timeline- options- size setting and set it for 1056x1056 but aspect ratio was wrong.
I then used one of my good software programs and cropped the images to 1050x876 pixels.
I then tried all the presets again and when i played them back they were blurry.
So i thought maybe it was my playback software so I used several of my other playback programs and morphs were still blurry.
So again I went to Timeline- options- size setting and set the size to 1050x876 and rendered it, and this time the morph was clear.

I was not sure if the image sizes were to blame as they were different before when I morphed using automatic or presets.
But when i set size manually the renders are clear.

If you would like to see the renders I can upload to rapidshare and email you a link to them so you can see for your self.

i can prove what I am saying as well if you like as I just rendered 4 renders 2 using the auto preset and 2 different codecs, and the other 2 are me manually setting the size to 1050x856 using the same 2 codecs.
And the auto size presets are both blurry and the manual set size renders are clear.
And for the 4 renders the images are all the same images that I cropped earlier today size of images are both 1050x856.

if you would like to see them I can PM you a private message and upload them to Rapidshare in a zip file.
I will also tell you what I did with each file, I may even add a screen recording so you can see for your self.

Please let me know.

Re: Loop Count & Size settings

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:08 pm
by Ark
I don't think you were paying attention to what selecting "Automatic" does. That is normally the same as entering 320 for Width and 240 for Height, unless you are using pictures which are not 4:3 aspect ratio. It is a matter of fact that if you enter 1050x876 the AVI will contain much more detail than if you enter 320x240. It also seems clear that you are then viewing the rendered AVI in "full screen" or otherwise stretched to fit a larger area than the actual number of pixels the AVI contains. If your desktop size is 1280x1024 for example, a 1050x876 AVI will be very clear looking, even if you stretch it to full screen. A 320x240 AVI will appear to be blurry if you stretch it to full screen, but that is the result of your AVI player software, and not a defect in the AVI or the Morpheus program. If you view the same AVIs at a 100% scale instead, the 1050x876 pixels will take up a large amount of your screen space, while the 320x240 will take up a tiny portion. In neither case will viewing at 100% scale cause either to appear blurry.

Re: Loop Count & Size settings

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:07 pm
by Gren

Thanks for the reply again and all the help and info.

Ok I thought that the automatic setting would make the video as lard as the images so that is where my problems are I guess.
As for viewing most of my playback programs are set to show videos at there normal size with resizing.

Now that I know or understand the Automatic setting it now makes sense, so I don't have a problem anymore.
I guess for future morphs I will make sure I set the size manually.

Thanks again.