Eve at work..?

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Eve at work..?

Postby Havoc302 » Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:03 am

Hey everyone, firstly just want to say after 5 days of scouring the internet for a way to get eve to work through my works free wireless broadband (SHH tunneling, etc etc) i was absolutley shocked to come accross this peice of software, it has to be the most awesome thing since sliced bread and if i can get it to work, i'll be donating to help make it even better for sure,

Fir starters, my situation, i work in a security control room at a very quiet site, as in we're closed at night and the only staff on site are myself and a patrol guard, for 11 of the 12 hour shift we literally have nothing to do, however the site has free public wireless broadband, problem is it's limited to HTTP/FTP only, i can use MSN, websites, download things, no problems, but no games will connect.

I am guessing using this peice of software you can route a peice of software to use another port, such as the HTTP port, but, i am guessing it's not a simple matter of just installing it and away we go, and that is where i come accross problems, sure i know a little about networking, i know lots about computers in general, hardware, software packages etc, but not the hardcore networking stuff, i always found networking to be a massive headache, so i've been able to avoid it so far :P

Now, here's what i have installed on my laptop (remember i been looking into this for a full 5 days :P )

I got PuTTy and all the stuff that comes with it.
and of course GIT (which i like the most so far)

Can someone maybe gimee a brief dummies guide as to how to get my eve client which uses port 26000 to connect through this company firewall that only allows HTTP, would be much appreciated.



P.S: i have an account at www.rootshell.be and also my home router has a built in HTTP server which i 'should' be able to connect to, i hope...
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Postby pko-v » Sat Aug 04, 2007 1:57 am

This might work, I haven't tried it myself. We have similar roles except my workplace allows all outbound.

In your ccp\eve\cache folder, find the prefs.ini file and scroll down to "networkAdvanced" and make sure it is set to 1. (if it is not there, add it)

You'll need to run a ssh daemon at home or somewhere else with an internet connection. If you're behind a firewall, you will have to allow the daemon to be accessed from the internet, on port 80.

In putty (which is on the eve computer), setup a tunnel with a source port of say, 26000 or some other number that works (whatever you put in prefs.ini under the port= section). Destination will be

Then when you start the eve client, click the area in the server list where it says tranquility and set it to

open the putty connection, login to your ssh daemon. Then login with eve. It should work, with a tonne of latency thrown in.
I only use the forwards for changing subnets etc so good luck.

EDIT: Totally screwed up the first 2 times. Basically you want to go out of port 80 pretending to be seeking http traffic. Wont work if your company has a decent firewall with inspection.
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