No patch device to select

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No patch device to select

Postby Genool » Thu Mar 08, 2007 7:48 pm

I am using Vista trying to play Tiberian Sun over LAN. There is no ptach device to select. The field is blank. Anyone have any suggestions....
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"look at frames on which device?" blank

Postby phazei » Thu Apr 26, 2007 11:55 pm

I'm having the same issue on Vista.
It doesn't seem to be detecting any device to look at frames on.
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Postby ack » Fri May 11, 2007 8:50 am

Dang... just tried it and doesn't work.

Installed WinPcap 4.0, which is the only version that supports Vista x64. I think the NICs point to a different place or something now.

Ark, any chance you'll take a look at this?
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