GIT v0.97 released

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GIT v0.97 released

Postby Ark » Tue Mar 09, 2004 8:39 pm

While there is no pressing reason users of v0.96 need to upgrade, if you are running Windows XP, the interface will look a lot nicer now with the addition of the XP common controls manifest.
Also added was the ability to tunnel ARP packets. While I have never seen a game that required this option to work correctly, it may be needed in the future. The same goes for the receive-only option. It may have more of a use for receiving broadcast UDP requests if a game can reply directly to the client and having the reply packet tunneled would result in a duplicate packet. I thought this option might be useful when testing a certain Direct X 8 game using the Direct Play protocol, but it turned out the game's multiplayer mode was simply buggy and wouldn't work even if you were all on the same LAN anyways.
There is also a real installer included now. It automatically prompts you to install WinPcap if needed too. This is one big step towards having the program be more friendly towards the less computer savvy people.
Sorry, no *.git files or wizards included yet. Don't count on any new version really soon now either. Unfortunately for all the users of GIT out there, I need to spend my time on the program that pays my bills (Morpheus).
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