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GIT Newbie: Help appreciated

Postby jimbobuk » Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:25 pm

Its far too late for me to type out everything thats going to keep me awake tonight trying to figure it out, but i'll do my best :)

The long term aim is that me and some friends would like to play 4 player Command And Conquer 95 - in the game over "network", using GIT to make the connections. Starting small we've had a blind go at trying to get 2 machines working via GIT, with no joy.

Software firewalls, and hardware firewall/router/NAT have been setup to forward on both machines at UDP/TCP ports 213. For starters is this ok? Or should each machine specify a slightly different port number here. To be clear

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PC A [windows 2000]:     has NAT router setup to forward all traffic on port 213 to itself at

PC B [windows XP]:    has NAT router setup to forward all traffic on port 213 to itself at

Is this ok, or should PC A use 213, with PC B using 214 for example. I'd expect this should be ok, from my understanding it looks like you just need 1 port per machine you wish to talk to on your new tunneled lan.

As you may have spotted PC A, and B are not sharing the same subnet? with PC B ending in 1.100 and PC A ending in 0.4 .. PC B user claims that perhaps the router can be reconfigured along with all the lan ips to be on the same (netgear standard) 0.x ... i take it this would help things out if possible?

Failing that we did spot in the options under Advanced Configuration, Alter Source IP From Hostname, to Hostname.. this looked like it SHOULD solve the problem for us and so i suggested that on PC A for example it was setup as

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For PC A:

From IP (Internal)   <--- an unused IP on PC A's lan

To IP (External)  <--- PC B's IP on PC B's lan

For PC B:

From IP (Internal)  <--- an unused IP on PC B's lan

To IP (External)     <---- PC A's IP on PC A's lan

This hasn't seemed to help, but is this basically correct, and should do the job when other options are set?

Not sure what protocols this very old C&C95 game uses, I'm assuming that its IPX as its so old, the setup for it has some IPX looking options, which dont mean much to me, such as the ability to hardcode Socket Number, and Destination Address. We tried to follow the auto wizard for general IPX and then started trying to add extra protocols, to no avail.

Then PC B as a test installed on two machines on his LAN and succeeded in getting a network game working between the machines. This confused me a little as i thought that non of our network cards in windows had had IPX added as a protocol, this is what i thought would mean the game wouldn't even be able to send out the info to be picked up by GIT. However even without IPX setup in windows this network game on LAN only was successful.. could the game be bypassing the windows network settings and somehow hardcode accessing the NIC as an IPX device? If so why wouldn't this just work for GIT as well?

As a final test i got us to both install IPX layers on PC A, and B.. this ended up with a few new software firewall popups on PC A at least, where by our machines seemed to be talking via the ports specified in GIT. Still with this the game wouldn't see any online games.

Finally, wondering if the game was working with TCPIP we tried forwarding a lot of those protocols as well.. no help.

I resigned to having a go at trying to get pings working between machines via the tunnel.. this would perhaps be a good starting point to make sure we're getting things working ok.

From my uncertainty with the NAT port mappings above, could someone explain what would be needed to allow a ping to be successful via GIT..

on PC A from above, with the NAT Alter IP settings above which of the following should work?

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ping  <---- this makes most sense, try to ping on this new IP that GIT will translate to PC A's local IP as its sent through the tunnel

ping  <---- PC B's IP on PC B's LAN.. I can't imagine how this would ever work

Sadly at the moment, none of these commands works at all. I presume this is something that SHOULD be possible?

One last worry.. at what stage will the GIT tunnel make windows network sharing work over the tunnel. To be honest i'd prefer it if it would never happen, be nice to only let us play games, not be completely on each others LANs.. I guess if this is needed though then it'll just be a case of making the network a bit more secure than normal.

Sorry for writing so much.. I'm getting my head around it slowly, would really appreciate some advice and pointers from the masters around here :)

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Postby jimbobuk » Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:30 pm

after some random searching of the forum i did try enabling the log unforwarded packets.. This seems to be filled with entries that read

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[Tue Nov 07 02:25:51 2006] network: hw:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx EthernetII IPv4 TCP to: from:75.IP.3.IP:110 'wrong frame type'

Obviously not ideal. How can i get the "right" frame type for this forwarding to be successful?
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