starcraft IPX, UDP help please

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starcraft IPX, UDP help please

Postby gux » Thu Mar 04, 2004 5:54 am


We're going to connect two machines on different network to play Broodwar 1.10 with UDP or IPX.

1 machine has a public IP address, it's the server
1 machine has 192.168.9.x IP and does not have visible IP address from the internet, so it's the client
Connection is established without error using port 213 TCP.

Forwarded IPX packets: Starcraft (17df-17e0)
Forwarded UDP packets: 6111, 6112

Adv. conf:
IEEE 802.2 / 802.3 enabled
Ethernet II endabled
others not

IPX: IPX, NLSP/ Old IPX enabled, others not
IPv4: UDP checked
IPv4 fwd options: all unchecked

With this configuration the created game is visible from 192.168.9.x but joining fails. From the public IP the game created on 192.168.9.x is not displayed.
I can see the forwarded IPX 17df NLSP/Old IPX packets, the other side can see the packets in the incoming log but somehow starcraft does not recognize. It's the same with UDP, 6111 port packets (broadcast and not broadcast) are transferred between the two machines.
None of us uses firewall.
I changed the IPX network settings to Ethernet II and set the same IPX network number what used on the public IP machine.
Please send any ideas that can be a possible problem.
Thank you,

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