Better understanding of packet forwarding

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Better understanding of packet forwarding

Postby fredguy » Thu Jun 22, 2006 3:52 am

I wanted to clarify one thing.
When Git captures and forwards a packet, does it forwards all packets on the Ethernet device or does it only forward packats originating from the computer on wich it is installed ?

in an other way,
If the Pc is sending and ARP request..
the request will be captured and forwarded to the other git client.
But some active devices on the network will also answer the request.
will those answers also be forwarded ?

Also, I wanted to make sure on thing in a nat-nat situation.

PC private ip 1 <=> Router Private ip A (D-NAT) Public IP 1 (Intrenet) Public IP 2 (Dnat) router Private IP B <=> PC private ip 2

In this situation, is it correct to configure Git on the first pc like this :
Destination Adress : pub IP 2
Source adress : pub IP 1
activation Nat feature
from Private 1
To Private ip 2
Forward all and every possible packets on all ports

If somebody is also in this nat-nat situation, i'm interested to share mutual experience.
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Postby Ark » Thu Jun 22, 2006 9:04 am

GIT can forward all packets it can see, which depends on if you are using a hub or a switch on your local network. All broadcast traffic like ARP or broadcast UDP packets should always be visible to GIT, but other computers traffic might only be visible if you use a hub.

To forawrd all packets, you would need to set the 0-ffff and 0-65536 ranges in the config window, except if you forward port 213 (when GIT is forwarding traffic on port 213) then you will end up in an infinte cycle of forwarding the forwarded packets and just flood your network.

You do NOT want to use the alter IP feature for NAT just because you are using NAT. Please read other post here as well as the readme file included with GIT. That option will *modify* the packets that GIT captures, between the time GIT captures them and forwards them on to the GIT on the other side of your tunnel.
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