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Postby socketwrench » Sun Mar 05, 2006 7:00 pm

i go to college in new york currently and i am on my schools internet connection which i believe to be firewalled. my friend in washington state and i created a module i wanted to play with him. i would DM it (be the active admin for the server) and he would play. i was wondering how to use GIT to create a lan for the two of us to play on.
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Postby karma » Tue Mar 07, 2006 4:58 am

you can poke thru many corporate/univ firewalls by using git's tcp mode. have your friend be "tcp listen" on a common port, i suggest 443 (https) since it's unlikely your friend is running an https server on his lan?, and you set your git for "tcp connect" mode to connect to your friend's port 443.

your friend may have to open the 443 tcp port to allow your inbound connection.

since neverwinter nights can play in ipx OR tcp multiplayer modes, i suggest using ipx, since using that mode means you won't have to go forward with possibly changing the network structure around between you & your friend (as would be required for tcp.)

set the following options in git config:
host - you put in your_friend's_ip_address and he puts in yours
port - 443
method - you use tcp connect, your friend uses tcp listen
ipx sockets - 0000-ffff

and set these in advanced config:
eth ii
also match source port
don't send routable

unclick any others

done and done, happy nwn/ipx'ing
ah also make sure the game is using the correct network interface when you're playing

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