GIT doesn't foward packets on 1 PC

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GIT doesn't foward packets on 1 PC

Postby MadESTMan » Wed Dec 28, 2005 4:38 pm

GIT doesn't start fowarding packets on one PC, but does on the other...
Looks something like this:

86.129.231.xx:213 (udp) - UP since Thu Dec 29 00:45:39 2005
last packet received from 86.129.231.xx
last packet forwarded at Thu Dec 29 00:50:27 2005

80.235.0.xx:213 (udp) - UP since Wed Dec 28 22:50:09 2005
last packet received from 80.235.0.xx
last packet received at Wed Dec 28 22:50:15 2005

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem ?
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Postby karma » Fri Dec 30, 2005 5:22 am

Compare your GIT configurations. Make sure that GIT is configured with the proper ports & protocols.

your posting seems to show that your machines are receiving packets from themselves? something isn't right. 86.129.231.xx should be receiving packets not from itself, but from 80.235.0.xx. the same goes for the other machine - they should not be saying 'last packet received from same-ip-as-SELF'

make sure the partner machine's IP is in the GIT configuration.
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