X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Flight School - GIT help needed

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X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Flight School - GIT help needed

Postby BAdam » Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:21 pm

I'm trying to set up a game of XvT: FS with my friend. The only connection between our PCs is the internet.

What do I exactly need to get a game up and running?

But mainly:
Do I need IPX protocol installed for the Internet device on both PCs?
Is an UDP method with all forwarded sockets fine?

And is there anything that can test if he IS connected to my PC and if I host an IPX game he will see it in the join list automatically - like if it was a lan game?

Please help, I've been trying to handle this problem for so long that this game has no TCP/IP availability and we really want to play across the Internet. Please be as specific as you can.

Thanks in advance
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Postby karma » Sat Oct 22, 2005 12:41 am

Hello, I have successfully played IPX games (red alert 2, starcraft) with GIT. Here are some tips.

If you are using a home router with NAT, forward udp port 213 to your machine. Ensure the same is done for your friend, if needed.

Go to GIT configuration. Put your friend's IP into the "Host or IP" field, put 213 in Port number, use method UDP-fastest, click Add. Your friend's IP should show up in the box below, and should be the only IP in that box.

IPX sockets, use 0000-ffff, it's safe to do. on a side note, it isn't advisable to forward all tcp/udp sockets if you ever want to use those type of applications - that will congest your git tunnel very much. But IPX sockets are generally safe to blanket-forward.

Do not use any tcp/udp ports. click OK.

go to GIT advanced config. make sure the proper network interface device is selected. click 802.2, 802.3, ethernet ii, zlib, IPX, NLSP/Old ipx, echo, error, rip. no other checkmarks should be present and leave all boxes blank. click OK.

Do the same thing for your friend - with the obvious exception of putting your IP in his GIT.

you're good to go. Your tunnel is set up. Try your game. good luck and leave a message if you have any questions.
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Postby BAdam » Sat Oct 22, 2005 1:39 am

Thanks, for all the help, it WORKS! Faantastic!
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