Setting up a GIT behind a NAT

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Setting up a GIT behind a NAT

Postby MarkyParky » Tue Jan 20, 2004 2:51 pm

We tried to set up GIT with following configuration to play a TCP/IP games like Age of Empires, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament but get no results.

Please show me some example configurations of GIT

We want to connect 4 computers.

Two of them are at the same private network and are connected to the internet by the same NAT at IP 62.24.XX.XX.
I want one of them to be the server of the game.
One of them is at different private network and is connectied to internet by NAT running on IP 213.191.XX.XX.
And one has public IP adress 154.21.XX.XX

We can set any port forwarding on any NAT as neccesary.

Please give us a sample configuration for each of these machines and tell us which are neccesary to be open/forwarded on NAT machines.


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Postby Ark » Tue Jan 20, 2004 3:11 pm

You need to connect 3 networks, not 4 computers, so only 3 machines need to run GIT. Each machine must have a connection to each other machine, so each GIT must be configured with 2 connections. It doesn't matter how you set these connections up, UDP is faster but TCP/IP may be easier to deal with NAT with. You will need to use 3 different ports to sort the connections out, such as 213, 214, and 215. One network's GIT should have connections using port 213 to the 2nd network and port 214 to the 3rd network, the 2nd network of course has a connection on port 213 back to the first network, and on port 215 to the 3rd network, so then the 3rd network has port 214 for the 1st network and port 215 for the 2nd network. Each GIT must be configured to connect to the external address of the computer running the other GIT, but other then that the external/internal addresses do not matter. If the server is at, all of the computers should still be able to find it once all of the GITs are connected. The only problem would be if you created IP address conflicts by using 192.168.x.x on two different internal networks and both networks contained a computer with the same address such as, but this is not the case here.
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