Age of Mythology (AoM): Titans - Two Comps behind router NAT

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Age of Mythology (AoM): Titans - Two Comps behind router NAT

Postby Serialazy » Sat Oct 08, 2005 9:24 am

Hi, i feel like my heads about to blow off.
ok I've tried this for wayyy to many hours

First attempt
Lan 1: DRAYTEK Vigor 2500 router, Dynamic IP
Lan 2: Netgear WGR 614 v4

set both on DMZ doesn't work
added port opening and port forwarding on both for 210-220 (just to be safe)

GIT confirms packets recieved and packets forwarded

not visible on LAN
Before I started using GIT I followed other ways to play and the same thing happened.
When I gave them my external IP (ip of 1) after port forwarding the required ports
They would be able to get into the 120sec (1 hosting and 2 connecting) connection time out screen, meaning they can detect my IP address. HOWEVER it just times all the way out, where as when i do the reverse way, from 1 to 2 it doesn't even connect, after 15 seconds then it tells me to check IP.
PLease.. I've spent soo long trying to get it to work its not funny any more
Does ANYONE know why, and HOW i can fix this problem,
My guess is that my friend/s just don't know how to port forward but we ran through it all thoroughly and using this GIT there shouldn't be anything wrong. pleas please help! :(
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