Few simple question...

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Few simple question...

Postby screamer » Sat Aug 13, 2005 8:05 pm

Last day/night I spent 8 h on GIT and you know what.... I's still not running T_T. A was trying so much options... and in the end I got confused.

Thst's why I asking someone to expalain some things to me, that I can fight on with this thing.

First off all: is port 213 need to be forwarded ( I mean, can it be any other port i I change it in configuration? )

In connection status: when you are connected can you see any info when turning on "View known remote host list" or is this option not fully implemented yet?

In Advenced Config.:Can someone explain me what for is Alter Source IP?

And last thing: if I have 2 NIC in my computer (one wireless that support me with Internet and one normal LAN card that connect it with my second PC) Which should I chose when configurating GIT ?? They have difrent subnet mask (btw. on the LAN that support my wireless NIC is very much other users... and for now on I want to play only with one pal form outside my LAN).

That's all ... for now :P ... I someone could cleary anwser this few question I would be grateful. My LAN is so damm complicated so I think this wont be over of my problems:P
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Postby Ark » Sat Aug 13, 2005 10:58 pm

If you are going to tunnel all game traffic and are using NAT, you need to forward port 213, or forward some other port and use that port for the GIT--GIT connection.
For the WC3 example setup, you would need to forward port 213 as well as the WC3 ports, but that may not be very common of a setup.

View known remote host list is fully implemented and shows a list of MAC addresses that have been found from computers sending traffic to your network. All devices on all other peoples networks should show up there. No local devices will show up there though. If it is empty, you have not received any packets from any remote GIT connection in the last 30 seconds.

Alter source IP modifies packets that GIT captures before GIT tunnels the packet to the other GIT. This is only useful if the software receiving the packet tries to make a new connection back to the IP address that send the original packet, as is the case in the WC3 example. If you are using NAT, and are the WC3 server, you would need that option to modify the outgoing broadcast packets so WC3 clients connect to your external WAN IP instead of your non-routable internal LAN IP.

If you have 2 NICs, you must select the one which contains the LAN traffic you wish to tunnel. Selecting the other NIC may not tunnel any traffic if all the traffic you want is not available on that NIC.
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Postby screamer » Sun Aug 14, 2005 3:33 pm

Thx for quick anwser.
This cleared me some things, but still I cant make it working :(.

There is some other questions that may help (I cant find any clear anwser to them).

1. My friend is using USB modem to connect to Internet, but also have LAN network card. The question is: can he use it with GIT, is it ok even when this LAN card is not connected to any network (cabel is out)?

2. Question about Loopback Device. Can someone clearly anwser how to use it if u dont have ethernet card ? WinCap dont support Loopback... can you still use it somehow?

3. We managed to make connection by GIT, but nothing more. In Connection Status is:

83.22.xx.xx:213 (tcp connect) - UP since Sun Aug 14 23:21:19 2005
last packet forwarded at Sun Aug 14 23:46:11 2005

and nothing in View known remote host clients.

What could be the reason of that?? If connection is established and we cant ping each other it means we wrong configured our network cards??
(there is no conflict IP and we have same subnet mask). Is there a way to check who has problem with properly configuring GIT/LAN card ??

Thx for any "clear" anwser ^_^
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Postby screamer » Wed Aug 17, 2005 7:22 pm

Ok, I made it :] . Now everything is working just fine. I found anwsers for my questions and if someone whan to know it, there it is:

1. In GIT you can't use LAN card that cabel is out (that isn't connected to any network). It don't capture any signals from network interface.

2. Loopback device working just fine with WinCap 3.0 . Just after installing Loopback Adapter you have to set correct IP and subnet mask and restart machine. Then you can chose Loopback Adapter like any other LAN card.

Also got an "ultimate solution" to make GIT work :] (I guess), but that is a for another post. :]
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