Red Alert 1 only 1 direction

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Red Alert 1 only 1 direction

Postby Siron » Sat Jun 11, 2005 7:25 am


since hours I try to install an working IPX over TCP/IP tunnel. In my situation I have two systems in the i-net. I installed the connection with the in-built wizard. If I enter the game I can see nobody in the lobby ( Red Alert 1 ) but my friend can see me in the lobby. The GIT log says that an ipx packet was forwarded on my site. On the other site is an entry like "packet recieved" but no entry that something is forwarded and also no entry on my site that the packet is recieved.

1 ) It doesnt't work by switching the connection typ to "TCP connect". The connection is established an the descripted behavior is given.

2 ) I am 100% sure that my ports are opened and no firewall blocks the packets.

3 ) My friend has installed winpcap 3.1 deinstalled it and has now winpcap 3.0 installed. In the list of devices is the winpcap device "ndis wan ... " 0. It isn't selected but is it possible that Red Alert sends the packets to this device? How can I drop the device? There is no Entry in the connections for it and nothing in the hardwareconfiguration.

I hope you can give my some help.


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Postby sumeetkpatel » Tue Aug 09, 2005 12:09 pm

Im interested to how you are even able to get basic network function with Red alert 1

are you using original copies of the game or perhaps MiniRA or FullRA?

i presume you are using win98 or worse and thats why you are sucessful, or perhaps under wine in linux?.. in any case you confirm are you are not running it under windows xp, otherwise please indicate how you are able to get connectivity when the THIPX32.DLL is incompatible with windows xp ipx.
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