Midtown Sadness :(

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Midtown Sadness :(

Postby pcxsis » Sat Jan 08, 2005 3:35 pm

Hi, i have the wierdest of problems.
my mate and i are trying to play midtown madness 2 over the internet using vpn, we had it working back in summer using Wingate VPN, but recently when we retryed it it only sort of works, in the multiplayer games list the game he's hosting comes up, i click to join it and nothing happens, and i rembered GIT from years back when we were trying to get warcraft II bne (long time ago) to run over the internet without battle net as that was getting incresingly slower by the second. we didnt get it working then, but over the last few days i got it working only on tcp listen server mode at his end because for some reason udp wont work :'(
we both run excessivly highly sophisticated networking enviroments nowadays and both our servers have GIT on them, but we get the same game appears but freezes upon click for 30 or so seconds, i'm assuming this is a latency problem, but it shouldnt be as we are both running 300k cable, and when it was working previously i had 56k modem, and he had 150k cable.
I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions, i'd explain to great lengths how both systems are setup but this post is long enough as it is. but it is all text book setup theres no flaws there.

thank you in advance, Pcxsis
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