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NAT > FW > INTERNET > FW > NAT (user manual)

Postby adammo » Sun Jan 02, 2005 3:37 pm

Here is the senerio:
I am using the 172 network. example my router is nated on the inside to look like and my local address is

I then had my friend who uses a Dlink to change his internal IP nat'd address to and his local pc to use

This was done so that they are on the same subnet example on both networks and so that they are on the same Ip scheme.

The next step was to setup both GIT programs to work with each other.. I wanted to be able to PING him so I enabled ICMP for trouble shooting reasons.

Here is the configurations on both sides: his conf and my config looked the same.. except he put my IP in his GIT and I put his IP in my settings.

We used the generic settings 1025-9999 common ports to just get it working .. then after we sniffed the ports we locked it down further.. the issue that I had was I didnt want traffic from him and me transversing the Internet unencrypted unless it had to.. so if you can lock down to the PORTS that are ONLY needed the better.


then in the advanced settings we used:


remeber BOTH pcs on each end are natted behind firewalls... Make sure to OPEN port 213 thru your firewalls of else this wont work.

Try pinging each other.. you can .. if all is working properly.

I hope this helps... btw.. I used a sniffer to figure how what all the settings do.. I wish all settings were documented better.. any volenteers?
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