Ark Please...I want help.

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Ark Please...I want help.

Postby shadow_rick » Sat Jan 01, 2005 9:15 am

I have network with 3 range lan Network:
This network communicate trought Wireless connections and 3 servers Win 2003.All pc ping perfect and release fine in Microsoft Network but in lobby room of C&C not see.
I explain : when is server in C&C,on I see not my friend in my lobby room,with direct connect ->nothing too.Trought a vpn connection with 2 pc that work but with 3 pc is impossible to have vpn with XP,xp accept only 1 vpn connection .
I have downloaded your GIT but I have no typical configuration for use it...Is it possible to use your GIT for gaming with C&C generals and Hours H with my network configuration in LAN principally and not for Internet ,if yes "how configure your GIT" ?
I don't understand good how your soft work,but I have see that work :lol:
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