really something clean and professional ?

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really something clean and professional ?

Postby teezee » Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:19 pm

I don't know about you guys but for my part im having problem connecting to someone via anything exept by ipx like diablo even there some games doesn't work good, i've tryed that small hell fire guide and it worked without a problem but... well other games n/a..

Im really looking foward for some explanation about how this work, as I said I've only been able to play hellfire (diblo 1 add-on) with one of my friend, i've tryed to play q3 and wc3 with no success whatsoever.

i've read alot of post and couldn't really make it to work, ok I must admit that I didn't pass 10 hours on that to but well I don't have the time to do this either. all I want is some 'professional' guide explaining how to do multiple kind of fowarding. in general. I don't need the port of all game as I can find it using google imho but I want a clear guide that I can follow and can set a working git for a game using different protocol not just ipx :(

i've noticed that clueless did a lil post on the BFME post. but I don't have winxp and I can't really find what he mean. im using win2k and I guess im not the only one :/ we need something clear imho. something ez for all kind of skilled people from stupid like me to nerd like gimpy. anyways if someone is weeling to help alot of people out (im sure it will) please be gentle and do something nice.

I would REALLY do it myself if I could but I can't even set up a correct wc3 game *censored* :/ ill continu to read the forum tho but please. use picture if you need, ez way to show something ... anyways I think its enought for that post. we need a damn good sticky guide. :)

thanks in advance, and im hoping for the best.

- Teezee[/img]
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