getting two players playing hellfire through git

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getting two players playing hellfire through git

Postby Paridoth » Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:22 pm

ok i just learned of git and it seems really cool, my freind has hellfire ~actually a hellfire mod called "The Dark" but it runs just like hellfire~
and we are trying to play over lan/internet using git. im not really savy with networking but i figured if i played around with it a bit i could get it to work, we tried lots of different settings but nada.
so im figuring were doing something very basic wrong. with all the options im sure one simply little check box would bring down the whole house.
i can't find a basic faq so pardon me for asking basic questions.

ok here is basicly what we tried to do,
this is my screen ... screen.jpg

and this is his screen ... screen.jpg

and i created the game, when he goes to join an ipx game he doesnt see me, im assuming this is how it works, but assuming tends not to work. so thats why im here =)

all the advanced setting are on default, or whatever they come with (where both using the latest stable version of git, not the beta) we both tried disabiling our firewalls, both using XP, he is on a router, however we have played IP games (heroes IV) before with no troubles, his father sais he enabled all ports on the router. so ya any help would be very much apreciated, thanks ahead of time, and this is an awesome program. =)
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Postby Ark » Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:33 pm

I would really try GIT 0.99 BETA 3, its not really any less stable then 0.98.

One thing in your screenshots, you have one side being TCP listen server and the other using UDP connection. That should be obvious that you can't connect GIT like that. Use UDP on both sides if possible, otherwise you use TCP connect on the other side, but that may create lag.

Forwarding all sockets and all ports is also a waste and will create lag so try to find out what port/socket your game uses and only forward that.
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Postby Paridoth » Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:39 pm

thanks for the fast responce.

ok if im not suposed to be tcp listen then what should i be? should i do the same he did only with his ip adress in instead of mine?

and how do i go about finding out which sockets the game uses?
i read somewere else that it uses the starcraft settings, but how would i be sure?
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ok we tried something

Postby Paridoth » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:39 pm

alrighty, we both downloaded the new beta version, and are using that now, the advanced settings on default. just to make sure both tried to do it on origonal diablo both of us using 1.09

there are our config screens for the first try utilyzing starcraft settings

mine ... rcraft.jpg

his ... rcraft.jpg

and this is our second try when using all ports just to see if it would work

mine ... screen.jpg

his ... screen.jpg

niether trys worked.
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Postby Malla » Fri Dec 10, 2004 6:27 am

Since Diablo/Hellfire uses IPX only, you don't have to forward ANY tcp/udp ports to your friend(s).

Are you (and you friend) behind a router or firewall? Then you have to open port 213 and forward it to your local PC.

You will find configuration screenshots in this thread.

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