Is there any point of using winXP VPN + GIT same time ?

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Is there any point of using winXP VPN + GIT same time ?

Postby distance » Sun Nov 28, 2004 5:19 am

Ark, you wrote that VPN doesn't forward broadcast traffic...
What about using VPN + GIT (git just to forward broadcasts for games)
Any chance ? What do you think...

It's funny, me and friend we can play Age of mythology over VPN (LAN game), but no luck with NFSU2.
We managed to play NFSU2 over GIT, that's ok, but I have problem with third person connecting to GIT. His GIT is ok, and I can play with him alone too.

C&C Generals (Zero Hour) + GIT = no luck for us. :(

We can play generals over that XP VPN too, but gameplay is sooo choppy, laggy... That could be cause game thinks that it's on real LAN and sends alot more data. Or maybe VPN doesnt's send something that game needs for LAN play.

any ideas ?

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Postby Ark » Sun Nov 28, 2004 10:51 am

VPN + GIT with GIT forwarding broadcast only is no different then just GIT forwarding unitcast and broadcast both, except using just GIT would be faster.
Using just GIT may mean you have to manually set up the private network if you normally aren't behind NAT or if each person on each side if the tunnel is on a different subnet, you may have to manually change that, but that is a one-time change. Just leave your networks in the configuration that keeps them in the same subnet as the people you play games with often.
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