getting to the bottom of a couple things in GIT.

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getting to the bottom of a couple things in GIT.

Postby poseyjmac » Sun Oct 31, 2004 11:03 pm

ok i want to make my GIT connections as optimized as possible, ive had it working for a long time, but i know im doing some things that are unnecessary.

1. when GIT'ing between me and a friend(both behind firewalled router), lets say we do UDP connection between us on port 45000, and we want to play a game that uses port 65000 and 64999 as a LAN broadcast port. now we both need to poke 45000 in our firewalls, this i know. BUT does the server have to also poke those two game ports in his firewall as well? or once you make the UDP tunnel on 45000, from then on all you have to do is specify what ports need to be forwarded in GIT to use them? in short, once that UDP tunnel is established, is no more tampering needed with each other's firewall for games?

my friends never have enough patience to test things out with me, otherwise id figure it out.

2. and lastly, i read callidus's explanation on connecting two LANs. and it seems simple enough. but im wondering, what changes do i have to make to that procedure to get the same effect but while the other lan can keep their different IP range and not have to match my first 3 digits and subnet? does the server need to check 'alter source ip'?
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