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Windows Router-Router VPN LAN Play

Postby sevich » Tue Oct 26, 2004 9:15 am

Please pardon my ignorance as I'm new to GIT. I've searched through all the forums but I am still confused on how to set GIT up for what I would like to do. So if the answer is in the forums somewhere and I didn't see it, I appologize.

Anyway, my friend and I have a router-router constant connection L2TP VPN set up through the internet. Both servers are Windows 2K3 Server boxes running NAT and the VPN. My network is 192.168.2.* and his is 192.168.1.* TCP/IP traffic on the network works great, all traffic is allowed on the VPN interface (just apparently not broadcasts :wink: )

We are specifically trying to get Joint Operations and C&C Generals to work, however we would also like to be able to use our Xbox's over the tunnel. We've been messing with GIT for some time but must not have it configured correctly.

Is there a way we can just install GIT on each server to pass broadcasts from one LAN to the other? So therefore any PC connected to either LAN will see the same broadcasts just like it where the same LAN without having to install GIT on each client? Any help with these questions and/or help on configuring GIT to work would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks Guys!
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Postby jvandun » Sun Oct 31, 2004 6:28 am


GIT is ideal to play games over the VPN. I don't have Generals (AFAICR generals should support direct connect btw) my self but I have played joint operations using a VPN connection.

The pc that will host the joint operations game should be configured like this:

1. run GIT in server mode: check the 'be TCP listen server' checkbox on configuration screen.
2. forward which ports: 32768-32787
3. Forward UDP only in advanced configuration

The pc that wants to join the game should setup a VPN connection to the machine that hosts the game. Write down the IP address you got from the host machine, you'll need that for NAT.

Configure the pc like this:
1. Use TCP Connect to connect to the GIT running on that machine (e.g.
2. forward which ports: 32768-32787
3. Forward UDP only in advanced configuration
4. Check the 'Alter Source IP checkbox'
5. From Host Name (internal) should be your 'normal' ip e.g.
6. To Host Name (external) should be your VPN IP e.g.

Hope this helps,

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Problem Solved

Postby sevich » Sat Nov 06, 2004 1:05 am


Thank for the reply. What I ended up doing was just ditch the Microsoft VPN and go with OpenVPN which has the ability to create a bridged-ethernet connection. Setting it up like this allows for all broadcasts over the VPN which solved our problems with LAN games not working. Now everything works with no additional configuration or port forwards!

I highly recommend using OpenVPN for router to router VPN's that you desire to do gaming on. For simpler network setups, GIT seems to be the way to go though.

Thanks again for the reply!
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