Counter strike source Lan + Git

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Counter strike source Lan + Git

Postby rita hirsch » Sun Oct 17, 2004 9:20 am


i have a problem.

I want to use Counter Strike Source with 2 computer that are in the same room, into LAN, and with other computers through the web, with Git.
If i try to connect to a pc on the web, counter look for a real LAN, and can't see the LAN through Git. If y unplug the LAN, i see the serveur on the web via Git. i should keep an internet sharing on my LAN, without having a LAN!
I the pc that share my web connection on the LAN is the serveur for counter, the second pc af the LAN can connect, but there are people from outside who can't connect. Some can, some don't. That's why i want to connect both of my LAN pc to a serveur through the web.

Sorry for english, i'm from belgium...
rita hirsch
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