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Postby brianj » Sat Oct 23, 2004 11:23 am

I would like to beta test v0.99 w/ a friend for warcraft 3 frozen throne.

I'm also trying to figure out how to get a loopback device to work with a ethernet card that doesn't support promiscuous mode. If you have any ideas on how to get it to work it'd be helpful.
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Postby Carlos_Ed » Sat Oct 23, 2004 6:49 pm

Oh, my god... my last post September... man I gotta stop "spamming" like this. LOL :lol:

Actually right now what we need is people to start fiddling around with the Wizard Scripting. I have done some myself but the solutions I come up with ARE FAR to tuned for my case... at least what I felt is the script's are a bit "far" from the real thing we need. And there are certain "anoyances" that cripled a lot of my ideas. Well for starters, a don't think it's possible to indicate specific ports to forward. Or at the very least it isn't working. The game called "Ground Control 2" is a case where several specific, and very particular adressed ports. Ex: port 80, ......, 8800,...... 62000... or something... so I coldn't even make it work, so script for it is WAY OFF (yet!). AND i can't make a script that serves both clients and hosts... and... etc, etc, etc... the way it works now. It just takes too much time to write & debug just for a few shots at my friends. The scripting language is a bit confusing and the instructions don't seem to flow like a normal program. For example I get some variables that don't get values if I don't make a "step" for the user to click "next". I want to make scripts that people just open them and are ready to play. I want to make scripts that a very inexperienced user can use to play. And if even then they get stuck, they must be able to clearly explain themselves for those that want to help be able to help as fast as possible. With straight answers and NO tech blabbering. Bottom line IS: Right now... I can't. The program is strarting to get even more and more demanding and time consuming to make a good configuration. For each particular game out of "warcraft" and "starcraft" alikes. And configuring isn't getting easier. The dificulty just got transfered and amplified to the wizard scripting. I really can't imagine myself fiddling around on a network with NAT tree with firewall and routers... and... etc. And after that make a script that just about covers every case.

My opinion is that THIS PROJECT is not getting enough time. Damn copyright licenses..... they can protect a lot as they can cripple stuff! :(
I know that this project doesn't go "open sourced" because it has some code that's copyrighted or something...

Now for the loopback....

Add a new Network Device, don't let windows search for it. Choose the options that lead you to a list of hardware devices for installation. Similar to the one like windows 9x had. And then search for the Loopback device. It should be on the "Microsoft" section. After that, setting it up is like any normal nic. Exactly like any normal NIC.

Note if you need some more detailed explanation feel free to ask! Since you say you want to beta test... I assume you are familiar to configure stuff, and you just want to know if there are any "trick" to this loopback device. NO. NO tricks. It's straight device install and config. Nothing more.

PS: Warcraft 3 and WC3: The Frozen Throne work the same. Same game. And it is EASY. UDP port 6112. That's it. What people should try is games like Ground Control 2. Lots of ports, lots of packts... NOW THAT'S A GOOD BETA TEST! But hey, how can we move on to that when warcraft 3 is still dificult to about 80% of us GiT users... :roll:
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Postby brianj » Sun Oct 24, 2004 2:50 pm

I'm fairly familiar with network configuration. My issue with loopback is that I don't think it was designed to do what I'm trying to get it to do:

linksys router ip: (internal) and (external)
wireless lan ip:
loopback ip:

I want to use GIT on the loopback device since my wireless lan card doesn't support promiscuous mode. I think loopback devices are designed to be addressed for a seperate nets, though. When I try to use the above addressing scheme my internet connectiivity seems to drop. I'm not sure if XP is confused about which address to receive/forward packets through, or if I just have some type of incorrect setting (I'm a little unsure as to what address should be used as the loopback's gateway with my configuration). I was just curious if you had any insight into the workings of loopback that may help me to get a functional GIT setup with my wireless card. It's a pain to have to reconfigure my network settings and string a ethernet cable across my living room everytime I want to try and lanplay WC3.

While I think the simplification of GIT configuration is a worthwhile endeavor, I'm not so sure that you will be able to simplify to the extent you're aiming. The user is going to have to have some understanding of their unique setup (firewalls, port forwarding, pinging, etc) to get a tool like this to work right. It's just the nature of the beast. You may want to target the intermediate user and have your install wizard ask various questions about the game(s) being played and the network setup. Don't stress yourself out trying to make your software idiot proof. It's easier to educate via documentation.
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Postby Carlos_Ed » Mon Oct 25, 2004 8:13 am

1st: Are you running updated Drivers for all network hardware?

Seing form a driver/software/API perspective your setup isn't very diferent from mine. Except my router/NAT is my own machine. By the way, I assume you connect to the router via the Wireless. Right? If so, you have the same "NIC" being used to connect the router AND to connect to LAN. I have never seen such configuration working. Note I'm gessing here, but I can't use LAN and Cable Modem with only one NIC, I need two: one for the LAN and another one for the Modem. The one that connects to the modem assumes my Internet adress. So... if I somehow would be able to connect it at the same time (phisically impossible, using UTP RJ-45 Cables....) you can't have an internet type IP running on your LAN. It's a TCP/IP limitation i think. the problem IS your router in my opinion for the looks of it... can you do a LAN with another machine (without git and of course leaving loopback out of the picture) in a way that you can share files, printers, transfer and access data... play some games (like quake)... etc? If you can't then I bet 100% sure it's the router.

That router needs to be doing 2 functions simultaneously:

1st - Act like a regular Hub/Switch. Like in a regular plain simple LAN of xxx computers connected.

2nd - Act as A GATEWAY. And while acting as gateway it has to be doing NAT. A gateway is a device that distributes the Internet trafic to all your computers on the LAN by the means of NAT.

Now if for some reason you can't use your router like a regular HUB/Switch while it's not connected then we have a problem. I recomend you cheg your Router documentation.

In theory, your network architecture should look something like this if it was on cables:

PC1 --------------------------------------|
PC2 -----------------------------------Router --------- (to Internet)-------
PCx --------------------------------------|

The only diference with wireless SHOULD BE that the cables from the PCs to the router DO NOT EXIST.

Loopback works EXACTLY like a regular NIC. The diference is the trafic never actually leaves your machine. IF you are having such problems winstalling the loopbacl you wold probabbly get them anyway if you installed a 2nd NIC. So let's just focus on these two things:

1st -> Get a working LAN on your Router without having it connected to the internet.
2nd -> Get every PC on your working LAN to be able to surf on the web at the same time.
3rd -> Get them doing the 1st and 2nd at the same time.

If you already done this and everything is ok, we can start talking on the loopback device. :)
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playing with loopback

Postby brianj » Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:01 pm

Yeah my LAN works fine and all nodes wired into my router/hub can get internet access. I have a linksys wireless-b broadband router which functions as a router/gateway/hub and I configure all my firewalling stuff via html interface:

_______wireless PC 1
internet-----cable modem---linksys router------<________wireless PC 2, etc...

and of course, wireless PC 1 is a machine with a wireless NIC that does not support promiscuous mode. hypothetically PC 1 would have the wireless NIC installed with address and loopback device with address Git would be configured to use the loopback device. Now, the gateway of my lan is (internal address, of course) which is the linksys wireless-b router, and so the wireless NIC has that address for it's gateway. It's my understanding that the loopback device should have the gateway address of my external ip (we'll say it's I've tried this, however, as well as trying to set the loopback gateway to the internal gateway address and both ways seems to drop my internet connect. I have all the most recent drivers and the most recent XP service packs.
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Postby brianj » Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:09 pm

my schematic there got a little messed up. wireless PC 2 should be further over, connected to the linksys router.

Also I shouldn't say "my internet drops." What happens when I enable the loopback device with that configuration is that I can't connect to my router to configure it and I can't access webpages, which leads me to believe that loopback doesn't work if you already have an internal lan and a NIC with an address for that lan.


Hope some of that makes sense :) Any further suggestions are welcomed.
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Postby brianj » Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:10 pm

ahhhh! Wireless PC1 needs to be moved further over. Sorry. I should have just left the little ascii picture out entirely :) I think it's only served to confuse the issue.
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getting around no 'promiscuous mode' support

Postby brianj » Mon Oct 25, 2004 4:38 pm

I toyed around with it today and figured out how to get it to work:

After creating a loopback device you must create a software bridge between the loopback device and the wireless card. You can do this (in XP) by right clicking and selecting the bridge option. A window should pop up asking you which devices you want to bridge. Check loopback and your NIC and it should create the bridge automatically.

I assume that this "bridges" two devices. Not sure what it's usually used for, but it works for getting around the fact that my wireless ethernet adapter doesn't have promiscuous mode support.

Once the bridge is created, right click on the icon it creates and give the bridge an internal IP address on your LAN and set the gateway to your internal gateway address. You then can configure GIT to use the loopback device and all should work perfectly. You should be able to ping your friend (assuming they have the correct setup on their end). You don't need to select the 'alter source' option under advanced configuration. All I have selected is Ethernet II, Forward ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and Also Match Source Port.

Hope that helps anyone else with the same problem I've had. I really only use GIT for WC3, and it works perfectly once you get it setup properly and forward the right ports to the right address on your firewall.
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