Joint ops, NAT and dedicated server

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Joint ops, NAT and dedicated server

Postby Sycho_lamer » Sat Jul 03, 2004 2:47 am

OK....i searched around the forum and couldnt find an answer to this. The problem I've been have is with a friend trying to find a Joint ops dedicated server on one of my machines. BattleLAN can find the dedicated server but GIT wont, BUT GIT can find a "play and serve" server. The reason I wont just use battleLAN is because it dont work for everyone. We connect on GIT with no problems. The setup is as follows:

[My PC]--- |
[Server]--- |---[NAT Router]---INTERNET---[NAT router]---[Friend]

We both have GIT set up the way it is post on the forum for Joint ops...with the higher port range. We both tried it w/ and w/o DMZ. I tried forwarding every port i can think of. And with no results. But if i load a play and serve server he can find it instantly even when only port 213 is forwarded. If you need anymore info let me know I'll get back to ya as soon as i can. I can't think of anything else to try...if anyone of you guys have suggestion or know something about GIT that could help me post a reply. Thanks.
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