GIT / Router Configuration: BF42 and CS ?!?

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GIT / Router Configuration: BF42 and CS ?!?

Postby ObergottJango » Tue Jun 08, 2004 4:15 am

I've finally got an Splinter Cell 2 Server to run with GIT, but with ANY other Games it does not work !!!

I would be most interested in a tutorial-/guide-thing for:
    1. HL / Counterstrike
    2. Battlefield 1942

I have read the thread about BF Vietnam and tried to change the ports for BF42 but it did not work...

I had allready a "normal" Internet-CS-Server which worked without problems, but I doesn't get it started with GIT...

And I also don't really know which ports are the right ones...

So I would be very pleased to get some help which ports I have to forward with the Router and which ones I need in the GIT configuration!

thx in advance,
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