Diablo/Hellfire problems with more than 2 players

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Diablo/Hellfire problems with more than 2 players

Postby rehndor » Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:30 pm

Hey guys.
I am successfully running Hellfire with 1 friend for a couple of days now.

In Windows IPX settings we set unique internal network numbers and chose "Ethernet II" as frame type. We left the normal network number at 00000000.
We forwarded the whole range of 210-220 UDP and TCP to our computers, just to be sure.

We are using the UDP method, and GIT forwards all IPX Sockets.
In advanced configuration we checked Frame Type Ethernet 2 and all IPX packet types.

This works great for the two of us, so thank you very much for this great tool.

The problem is it doesn't work for more than two people.

When we are joined by a third friend, there are two possible outcomes.
First: Two of us (no matter which two) can play together, the third gets an "unable to join"-error message.
Second (rare): The third one can join but he and one other player gets dropped due to timeout.

I set up the third guys computer myself, so I am pretty sure I did it correctly.
We tried connecting everyone to everyone (like a triangle) and we tried a server like concept. Meaning each of us connecting to the guy who hosts the game. Doesn't make a difference.

I suppose we are somehow creating a loop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
PS: we tried TCP and TCP server as methods as well and it seems to be working, but it is unbelievably slow (1sec gameplay 10secs freeze). Any hints to speed this up would be appreciated as well.

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