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Hellfire Multiplayer, please help!

PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2009 8:41 am
by raggnarokh
Greetings guys, from some time I've been trying to run Diablo 1: Hellfire's multiplayer without avail. The whole thing seems very hard to me. Dunno if you're familiar with the Hellfire case but :

The game's not " made " for multiplayer, though with 1.1 ver of it, plus a " hacked " .dll file you get the multiplayer option. Anyways, it doesn't support Battlenet, only IPX. I've read a lot in the Net about solutions to the problem.. one was a program named " Kali " but I've got bad memories from it.. I'd try it again only if there's no other way.. Yesterday I saw that GIT is another way and even read posts of people who played multiplayer games of Hellfire through it.. I downloaded it and installed the IPX protocol ( didn't have it before ), so I can now make games through IPX. On my computer everything seems to be fine - got the GIT working properly, IPX and stuff. But on the other computer the program can't find the packet devices! Any ideas how to correct that? I have the feeling that if I install the program on the other computer we'll be able to finally play Hellfire multiplayer!

I would REALLY appreciate help...! =(((

i have the same problem

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2009 10:58 pm
by Admiral
hi i have the same problem also. i have no idea how to set this up for hellfire and for some reason kali doesnt seem to work for me anymore. have read about other people getting this to work but i haven't had any luck so if someone could help both of us out it would be great. if not please tell me how i can properly uninstall GIT. I uninstalled yesterday and today i turned the computer on and its still showing in my tray with seeming functionality. the other computer i am trying to network with online does have this program but as I've mentioned we haven't got it working. please help!

find the packet device

PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2009 1:59 pm
by karma
Hey Ragnarokh...
search the forums for topics people have posted regarding finding the packet device. there is a registry patch that will help you fix it. After that's done, you can connect to the computer.