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Windows Vista

Postby rellik » Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:42 pm

I realise that there hasnt been much development on GIT for a while.

I firstly want to thank the creators of GIT for an awesome piece of software. It has helped us a great deal on ou private wireless network.
We are however having some difficulty with guys that uses Windows Vista.
From this forum its a bit unclear if GIT is actually compatibile with Vista. We have been using GIT extensively and know the settings and tweaks quite well, but have not yet been successfull with Vista.

What we have tried is this:
1) Install GIT with newest versions of Winpcap.
2) Done the "registry at HKCU\Software\Git - set the REG_DWORD called device " fix
3) Setup the UDP ports and when we start the connecton, it all looks perfect under connection status. Seeing the 3 lines of txt at the right ip address. Even seeing the mac addresses when clicking "View know remote host lis"

When dealing with Winxp, if we get this far we are almost guarenteed success. We host the game and everyone finds it.
Except the Vista PC's

On XP machines, we have successfully played
Racedriver Grid
Toca Racing
Command and Conquer 3
CodWaW Cooperative

Any help will really be appreciated
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Postby six » Sun May 10, 2009 6:17 am

Microsoft did not implement IPX because new software/games didn't allowed you to use it anymore.
TCP/IP is more common and eventually better.

Now you must understand that i too, am looking for a vista "IPX", but i dont think vista can emulate that because of all the compatible files missing..
i came close once with installing it manually as a protocol, vista 64x said it was installed, but it didn't work at all, trying to fix it made my network-driver fubar, and so i stopped trying...

please email or pm me if you know more or something :)

Have a nice day, i'm going back to the garden to sit in the sun w/my laptop and listen music !. rock on! \,,/

Whilst sitting in the sun listening music, and browsing on my new EEE-PC (proudness), i discovered that there might be hope for vista IPX/SPX fans...

i did not try it yet, but i'll be sure to do that when i'm formatting my vista again next month :)
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