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Theme hospital Vista (dont care about xp)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:07 am
by Col
Ok i can make this work in xp, i installed xp's ipx protocol and it works fine over GIT now the fun part. Vista doesnt have nor supports an ipx protocol. Ive downloaded the version off starbase, according to the instructions if installed correctly (any way to confirm?)

The plan is to use GIT + ipx protocols through GIT to play it using a combination of lan and internet physically, but as far as the computer is concerned all packets are sent via the internet.

Ive installed git, the latest version of winpcap. I have got rid of the error that stops it from recognising my network adapters. ive set the network adapter to GIT
ive made sure that ipx is enabled over GIT

Running theme hospital as admin or non admin (admin required compatibility, using win 98). The program works on its own but will not find the ipx network adapter. either on direct play (what ever its called) or ipx network.

Basically, i wanna confirm its the games fault then find a way around it.

And Ismailra Dont post that youve got it working on xp, Because i have to. Im only interested in vista for the time being.
(its been a very long day)

Possible errors
In the git set up, using adv config
from hostname internal to host name external
are these ip addresses or the internal and external ipx network numbers.
im forwarding upto 4 kinds of ipx packets, ipx, old ipx, spx and netbios. over Ieee 802.2 and ethernet 2 (802.2 is whats listed in windows xp when i got it working). Is there anything else i need to set up, i havent port fowarded it as of yet however firewalls are allowing it.
i dont remember if theres a ping equivalent for ipx.

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2009 6:23 am
by six
read vista topic, IPX not supported on vista

solution? did not try yet