Carmageddon 2 with GIT?

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Carmageddon 2 with GIT?

Postby finky44 » Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:01 pm

Hey guys, after hours of searching the net trying to find an IPX emulator for Win XP I found a link to GIT on a German website. Looks pretty useful but I'm wondering if it can help me get Carmageddon 2 working on a LAN. The reason why it won't work in windows XP is because IPX support in XP is not as good (or misconfigured) as in Win 98. So thats why I need an IPX emulator.

I tried:
-using microsoft's virtual pc software with windows 98 on it and i am disappointed since it's very primitive. resolution is all messed up and i can't run it in D3D mode.
-novell's client. this one was so confusing I gave up on it
-Kali. kali is pretty much dead. I can't even get a trial

Can Carmageddon 2 work with GIT? Does GIT use Windows' IPX protocol? If so, it might not work. But I'm willing to try anyway. I'm even willing to pay someone if they can help me figure this thing out. I've been trying for years and me and my friends want to play some carmageddon2, very badly. Please help me. I'll pay you!
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Postby karma » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:29 pm

I have not used IPX in a few years, but I did have past success with GIT. Here is a link to a post I made here three years ago, detailing IPX and UDP success playing various games.

I also recommend searching these forums for IPX keyword and look for success stories to emulate.

Also, match your WinXP IPX protocol settings. Internal network number: I left it alone. Frame Type: Ethernet II. Network number: 00000001.

Good luck
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