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Unable to open the packet device

PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:39 pm
by chile64
When I open GIT, I receive 2 messages saying "Unable to open the packet device", then I go to advance options but I don't see any network device. However, I have 6 different network devices on my pc including the dummy net device (MS Loopback Adapter)

I am running XP SP3. I think SP3 has something to do with the problem.

- I have tried everything, I installed different versions of Winpcap (v3. v3.1, v4.02, v4.01). With every version but version 3, GIT doesn't work. It keeps saying "[STARTING]". So, left version 3 on my pc.
- I tried the dummy adapter with the bridge
- I have install/uninstall/reboot several times, but nothing changes

Do you have any advice on this one?