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GIT over Hamachis network

Postby leograeser » Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:34 pm

Hi to everybody,

I want to combine Hamachis network with GIT.
Now i tell you the reason:
I want to play with my sister Diablo - Hellfire. So we downloaded GIT and it runs well on my machine and with my wireless LAN - Adapter. 8)
But on the machine of my sister the GIT doesn't work with her wireless LAN Adapter. There came a fault. :cry:
So i had the idea to use the Hamachis Adapter (i've already installed this, to "tunnel" my TCP/IP for playing Diablo 2) as the network adapter.
This Adapter works on both machines and we are connected together. :)

And now the Problem:
I used the GIT-wizard to create IPX-Connection. But when i hosted a Diablo - Hellfire game, my sister didn't see my game. The same problem, when my sister hostes a game.
What's here the problem?
Do someone know the special SOCKET for Diablo-Hellfire?
Is Combination of Hamachis and GIT intellligent?



:D By the way Thanks to Ark and the follwing Threat. With this i managed to start GIT:
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