Help with GIT configuration

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Help with GIT configuration

Postby keko » Wed Oct 01, 2003 4:39 am

I´ve been using GIT for quite a while now, and I find it extremely useful, it was the program I had been looking for for quite a long time. However, I´ve encountered some problems lately. The person I have been using GIT with has just set up a LAN at home (we both connect via ADSL), and since then GIT has stopped working. Some help with GIT´s configuration would be extremely appreciated, since I´ve tried my best yet I can´t make it work anymore!!!

NOTE. the situation is the following: the other person has a LAN card and an external USB ADSL modem installed in his computer, hence the configuration seems a bit complicated. Guess it´s some kind of problem with NAT, but the thing is that we can´t get GIT to work under these circumstances.

By the way... is GIT still under active development? It really is a great program - one of the best I´ve ever seen.

Thanks in advance, hoping to hear from you soon.
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Postby Ark » Wed Oct 01, 2003 11:03 am

If the problem is NAT, and only his side is using NAT, have his side connect to your side using TCP-connect, and your side using TCP-listen. If you both are using NAT, one of you *MUST* forward a port to an internal address in order to have the connection be established. There is no way around that, and it is in no way specific to GIT, that is just a major downfall of NAT.
Try enabling and checking the log files for more information about what is not happening correctly.

GIT is not currently under development, but it may in the future if there is sufficient demand for new features or fixes.
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