UDP connect works, TCP connect does not work

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UDP connect works, TCP connect does not work

Postby beefsack » Mon May 28, 2007 4:05 am


Myself and a few friends have been trying to get GIT to work. We were using another prog but it does not work with a lot of games and we wanted something that we could administer ourselves. We want to get TCP Listen Server going as there will be many people involved over the internet, not internally on lans. All of our IP addresses are on the same subnet and are all 192.168.0.X, with no conflicts.

Thanks to the great thread here, we managed to get 2 people playing games with each other using exactly the settings there, and forwarding all ports except for the GIT ports and using UDP for both computers. The strange thing is as soon as we set 1 computer to TCP listen and the other to TCP connect, you can see the connection in connection status, but even though pinging and games worked in UDP, we cant ping or see any games in TCP. This is also the case when 1 person is TCP listen server and the others are tcp connect to the server. In connection status it looks like this: (tcp multi-listen) - UP since Mon May 28 20:08:15 2007
accepted connection from
last packet forwarded at Mon May 28 20:09:04 2007
last packet received at Mon May 28 20:09:05 2007

Even though the connection is live, we can't ping or play games or anything. Strange thing is as soon as both clients go back to UDP everything works again (pinging and CSS). Any ideas?

Everyone using GIT is using only these options checked in advanced configuration:

Code: Select all
Ethernet II

Forward ARP

ICMP (got this ticked so I can test ping IPs on the other LAN)

Also Match Source Port

Thanks in advance for the help :)
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