Will GIT work if one client is unable to forward ports?

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Will GIT work if one client is unable to forward ports?

Postby alacheesu » Fri May 25, 2007 11:29 am

Me and a friend have been trying to set up GIT for days. Our connections are like this:

PC 1 -> router -> internet

PC 2 -> home-router -> ISP-router (not accessible for us) -> internet

We have had very little success connecting to each other. Would it be possible at all to get GIT working with this setup? It seems we have some contact. Packages are forwarded and received to and from both networks, but we are still unable to ping each other/get some meaningful two-way communication.

Out setup is mainly:
TCP listen for PC 1 and TCP connect for PC 2. PC 1 forwards port 213 from his router.

Ethernet II
Forward ARP
Forward TCP, UDP and ICMP
Also match source port

And we have tried various settings for the "Don't send" options and NAT.

Unchecking the NAT-option for PC 1 and setting both internal and external IP to (PC 2's IP) on the NAT-option for PC 2 lets us see each other in LAN-games, but we are unable to connect.

Any hints for getting this to work would be greatly appreciated. Especially the NAT-option in GIT confuses us.
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