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Unable to render timeline

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 5:36 pm
by Joel Me
I purchased, registered and installed Morpheus software.
Setup a morph ok, but cannot render.
When I try to render, it first attempts to install Videostudio MyDVD. However I do have MyDVD. Don't need or want it.
Morpheus complains that it needs the installation files -- which I do not have.
If I try Cancel, the program freezes. If I try to continue, it freezes the same.
I need to open Task Manager and End Task to close Morpheus.
Everytime I try to render it does this, instead of rendering.

I am a paid activated user of Morpheus Pro, Win 10 OS.
I just purchased Morpheus and so far it is w

I uninstalled Morpheus and tried to return to basic. However it will not accept the actvation code and says:
"The code you have entered has just been used recently. Please contact support"
However I contact tech support thru the forum, but they have not responded..
I will be disputing any credit card charges I receive unless the software works.