tiny tiny tiny dots

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tiny tiny tiny dots

Postby misterbik » Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:57 pm

hi. I have a pretty high res monitor, I work pretty quickly as I do a lot of different graphics,
I thought I'd ask here before requesting a feature.

those morph points are frustrating small and fickle.

so the questions :

is there a way to:
a) make the dots bigger?
b)enable a magnet effect so that you only have to be 'close enough' to a point. ( ideally the user would be able to adjust magnet strength / radius).
c) lock the view so that when you do miss a point, and I missclick A LOT, it just does nothing, instead of flinging your view half out the window?

and slightly varied:
D) is there a way to click click click click draw a multiple point line without having to reclick the previous point first?

if no. and a Morpheus team member reads this please consider these major workflow crippling fixes request issues.
no offense, but these are obvious and simple solution issues that just make decent software totally unpleasant to use.
do you guys even use your own software?
if you require me to repost in the requests Section, kindly also let me know.

thanks for your time.

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Re: tiny tiny tiny dots

Postby pigtails » Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:58 pm

Yeah, me too! I click and click, and do not engage the dot. Very frustrating!!
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