Morphing between three images

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Morphing between three images

Postby mjcount » Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:34 am

Can you morph between three different images in the same project? I have images of three women-young, middle aged and older and want to morph between the three of them. Can that be done in one project?
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Re: Morphing between three images

Postby Ark » Thu Aug 25, 2016 6:58 am

Yes, make sure you disable Beginner Mode Menus in order to access the Timeline Window first. From there, you can add any number of pictures in a sequence.
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Re: Morphing between three images

Postby tmckone » Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:20 am

Just purchased 3.17 and I am trying more than one picture. I morphed the first two and preview shows all pictures loaded but with the first two morphed. How do I morph from picture #2 and #3 etc. The top of my first two pictures say "M1 Start" and "M1/ M2 Tr" respectively. Thanks.
PS the Timeline Toolbar with "Add Morph", "Preview frams", etc is subdued
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